Facebook Friend: Somatic Abuse is Real

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Posted on February 27, 2013

One of our Facebook Friends shared a story about her 7 year old son who suffered what is known as somatic abuse by his teacher. This is her story:

“My son started to have stomach pains in the night at around four in the morning…he was 7 years old. We took him to the ER many, many times and they could find nothing wrong. We took him to a pediatrician who said the pain was somatic (psychosomatic) and a sign of abuse.

I got to the root of it when his little friend told me the teacher on Friday mornings would dump my son’s desk out onto the floor in front of his peers and make him pick it up and put it back in a orderly fashion. He would cry as he did this and kids would snicker. It went on for a long time before I got to the bottom it.

When I went to the school, my son’s father had to hold me back or I would have jumped the desk and choked the life out of that teacher. She no longer had a job after I was through with her. No more stomach pains for my son…Momma bear fixed it!!!!!!”

Lorraine provided the following resources on somatic abuse:


Psychosomatic symptoms linked with abuse – Public Service

Children with multiple psychosomatic symptoms are twice as likely to be suffering abuse at home, says the study.

Thank you, Lorraine G, for sharing your story!

Empowerment by Chong Kim, Trafficking Survivor & Activist, GWEN anti-trafficking expert

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Posted on January 10, 2013

I think of the women’s rights movement, and how we have paved the way for change from gender bias situations to equality on all levels of humanity.  Now, entities like the National Domestic Violence Organization and RAINN are also recognizing same sex abuse that includes men falling victim.  With National Human Trafficking Day coming close, we still struggle with segregation of terminology — Labor Trafficking vs. Sex Traffickings, American vs. Undocumented Persons, American Adults vs. Domestic Minor, and whether male victims exist in the world of trafficking.  Seriously?  I’m not saying we are perfect, but we’ve made many strides along the way and even in an imperfect country like the US, we have encouraged other countries in Asia, India, Middle East and Europe to seek out equality and open the forum for women’s rights.  That’s why I admire so much about GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network).  It’s one of the few entities that I respect, honor and choose to collaborate with on every front of our battle to end violence against all humans.  They continue to utilize survivors voices to promote legislative change, be the forefront of ideas of empowerment, and speak about those who are still disenfranchised — especially in the world of violence. I love that there’s an organization that continues to strive for human rights on all levels.  Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Hindi or even Atheist, you are welcome.  I love the freedom it allows men, women, teens and even children to gain back their power of choice.

For me being a survivor, empowerment is so essential to me.  With GWEN, I find a welcoming hub of all persons involved.  Whether you’re faith-based or not, straight or LGBT, male or female, adult or child, GWEN welcomes all.  If you know me, I always strive to be as open-minded as possible.  I personally believe everyone has the right to live without violence, no matter who you are.  The sad reality is, there are entities, government agencies and even ministries that still hang on to gender bias and control, even use survivors as a model of “Poster Child Syndrome”.  Please refer to my blog: http://goo.gl/JwqQHm .  I’ve written extensively of what it is to be a “Poster Child” and it’s nothing but a form of manipulation.

GWEN is an entity that recognizes strength, voice, and most of all, empowerment.  It strives to bring our voices to the forefront and also remind us that we are not just a story, we are an inspiration!  This entity is definitely not gender biased, which I love!

I was first introduced to GWEN through a mutual friend that invited me to a club where he DJ’s.  He had also invited Tess Cacciatore to the club, who is the Executive Director of GWEN in Los Angeles.  It was there that I met Tess and we instantly clicked!  We talked about what empowerment meant to both of us, we listened to each other’s ideas, and before I knew it, I became part of the family of GWEN.  What I love about GWEN it allows you to share without showing your face, to articulate your talents through music, arts, writing, spoken word, whatever your creative spirit is meant to dazzle with.  It won’t allow you to self-sabotage, be a sound board, or use your story for sympathy.  GWEN wants YOU to feel empowered.  They want YOU to feel the wings of your spirit fly and say, “I am free from the slavery of abuse as well as my own enslavement.”  Ladies and gentlemen, if that isn’t empowerment, then I don’t know what is. Thank you!

Tell us your story with Tess Cacciatore and Marsh Engle

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Posted on January 03, 2013

Marsh Engle

GWEN Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story with Tess Cacciatore & Marsh Engle

Listen to the call audio recording with co-founder of GWEN Network, Tess Cacciatore and guest Marsh Engle, Founder of the Amazing Woman’s Day global initiative.

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For over a decade Marsh Engle has served as a global leader in creative business development and leadership skills for women. An award-winning entrepreneur, she’s has been instrumental in the groundbreaking success leadership of over 25,000 women experts, authors, coaches, and transformational leaders. She is a multi-published author including her latest book and certification training, The Six Essentials™ ― a template for a NEW paradigm of success that connects passion, purpose, and inspired action.

As CEO of Marsh Engle Media, a media development, marketing, and consulting company and Founder of the Amazing Woman’s Day global initiative, she has contributed to the lives of over 100,000 women spanning around the world. Her uplifting message and engaging creative style have attracted the attention of leading entertainment studios such as Paramount, Children’s Television Workshop, Universal Studios, Australia Broadcasting, and more. Acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the field of communications, Marsh has been nominated among the Power 100 Women in Entertainment and named among the Power 100 Women in Entertainment and named among Who’’s Who in American Women.

The Marsh Engle Show broadcasts each Monday on
on CBS Radio. http://www.MarshEngleShow.com/

For more information about Marsh Engle visit:www.MarshEngle.com

Tess Cacciatore is an award-winning producer, videographer, journalist and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life advocating for peace, justice and equality around the globe.
Prior to joining GWEN, Cacciatore was the founder and executive director of the World Trust Foundation, an organization that mentors youth to become future leaders working for a sustainable world. Throughout the past decade Cacciatore has traveled the globe connecting youth-focused non-profit organizations, inspiring youth to learn, think and take action for positive change in their lives, in their local communities and in the global community.

Cacciatore has spoken regularly at the United Nations (Geneva and New York) and other international platforms on behalf of children and the important use of media and technology to bridge the cultures of the world.

Tesss participated on many boards over the years including Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) where she held the position of vice president and interim president of the Los Angeles Chapter. She also served on the board of Offbeat Prodigies (an organization that mentors gifted children with special needs). She is also a founding member of the Women’s Speakers Association.

In 2003 Cacciatore was awarded the Fete d’ Excellence within the Sub-Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations (Geneva, Switzerland) for her work in educational entertainment.

Please take a moment and listen to last Saturday’s call and make a decision to tell us your story today.

GWEN Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story with Tess Cacciatore & Marsh Engle

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After listening to this empowering call please take a moment to tell us your story!

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