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Posted on June 13, 2013

GWEN launched the GWEN Alert, a free phone app, to help keep people safe in the event of an emergency. One GWEN member found out just how well the GWEN Alert works, luckily without the emergency.

“I was adding the GWEN Alert to my son’s phone and I forgot I linked the alert to a particular friend, because I only linked it to her when I was demonstrating how it worked. I pressed the alert thinking the only people who would get the text would be those in my household who knew I was safe because we were all together. Long story short, my friend texted me, asking if I were okay. I texted her back and said yes, and explained what I was doing. Well before she received my text (I guess it took a minute) she text me again, so I picked up the phone and called her. She was so worried and said she had called the police. My phone beeped and it was 911 checking to see if I were okay. I explained the whole thing to them. The 911 operator asked me several questions making sure all was well, and then we hung up. All of this in a matter of five minutes.”

If you aren’t familiar with the GWEN Alert, it’s a safety phone app allows users, with the click of the emergency button on a smart phone, to discreetly send a preset text to five pre-programmed contacts (GWEN 5), instantly alerting them that they are in danger and including GPS tracking for the location. Members on the user’s GWEN 5 can then send help to their location. Here, GWEN Girl and teen singer songwriter recently named CMA “Artist to Watch” Lizzie Sider demonstrates how to use your GWEN Alert.

Don’t wait for an emergency to wish you were better prepared. Download the GWEN Alert today! Download Here

GWEN: Global Women’s Empowerment Network Alert App For Your Phone

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Posted on December 02, 2012

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The GWEN ALERT is a phone app that features an “emergency” button to use in times of distress.
Get the free app.

In support of Domestic Violence Month, the Global Women’s Empowerment
Network (GWEN) launched the GWEN ALERT in October at Digital Hollywood in
Los Angeles.

The free phone application, currently available for iPhones through iTunes,
features an “emergency” button to use in times of distress. With the click of the
emergency button on a smart phone, a user can discreetly send a preset text to
her/his GWEN FIVE instantly alerting them and activating GPS tracking for the
location. Members on the user’s GWEN FIVE can then send help to the location,
even if the victim is in transit.

GWEN co-founder and COO, Tess Cacciatore, said the app is useful for battered women and all
victims in abusive relationships; those dating, traveling or meeting people alone;
children, teens and young people in danger; as well as senior citizens living
alone and feeling threatened.

Cacciatore said they chose to launch the app for National Domestic Abuse Month
to raise awareness and support those suffering from abuse. “Thousands are
victims of domestic abuse each year and we created GWEN to empower and
help them live beyond abuse. We want to put control back into victims’ hands,
providing real tools to those in abusive relationships that could save a life as well
as give peace of mind.”