Michael Feintech Littenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Posted by GWEN
Posted on January 01, 2012
Michael L PictureMichael Feintech Littenberg,
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Feintech Littenberg is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for creative expression and a commitment to civil rights and social justice. For three decades Littenberg was active in real estate, but more recently has focused on his creative talents – writing and composing music. Littenberg’s love for music and composing, combined with his dedication to social good, inspired him to collaborate with his friend and musician, Sterling Smith, to write the song “A Call to the Women of the World” — a passionate and powerful call to action to stop the violent atrocities plaguing women worldwide.  The song forms the foundation of GWEN’s mission to inspire women to speak out against violence.Through his years in business, Littenberg learned that success in business takes more than just a good idea.  It requires a great team and platform to make it a reality. Littenberg is intent on demonstrating that a corporation can be financially successful while simultaneously improving the lives of women. Littenberg maintains his long-term family ties to Cedars-Sinai and with the success of GWEN, looks to continue his family’s legacy of philanthropy.

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